Rope Skipping Associations – Preserving the Spirit of the Sport

Sports organizations weren’t established merely to promote a specific sport. They offer a protection for the interests of the community, and make sure to keep the public’s interest alive, so the sport can live through them. Since the beginning of the last century, Rope Skipping as a sport had its ups and downs, and today it has survived because of the existence of organizations all around the world – today, we will show you the ones that made a difference!

The Early Years

A few US organizations were holding local events in the beginning of the 80’s, and it was the “Double Dutch” type of rope skipping that had become the “new craze”. Although the sport did start to see heightened popularity, the “International Rope Skipping Association” as it was called back then, was meant to grow, but not in the way most of us would guess.

The FISAC-IRSF Was Established


Representatives from the original association decided to split from the WRSF, and form their own organization with the help of the US Amateur Athletic Union. Moving forward to San Francisco in 1996, a constitution was drafted called the “Federation Internationale de saut a Corde” (translated from French, meaning International Jump Rope Federation) with the presence and participation of the European Rope Skipping Organization and others from Australia, Canada, and Hungary.

To validate itself, the International Rope Skipping Federation scheduled its first World Championship event in 1997, within Sydney, Australia. In total, eight countries competed and made history; solidifying the FISAC-IRSF as a legit global entity in the rope skipping sport. While this depiction was quite short, there were many tribulations through which the IRSF had to go through. But the IRSF’s story isn’t yet over; it is interwoven with the destinies of other organizations worldwide!

World Jump Rope Federation

World Jump Rope Federation logo

In their official statement, the WJRF states that their mission has always been the provision of worldwide leadership for the sport of rope skipping through innovation, diversity, and other core values and principles meant to promote and preserve the sport. With little to no information about the establishment of this organization, the only thing that is for certain that the WJRF has been active for decades. Strangely enough, it is connected to IRSF.

The Foundation of The International Jump Rope Union

International Jump Rope Union logo

Our current year marks another important event, that will remain in Jump Rope sport history. The FISAC-IRSF and the WJRF have decided to merge into a single organizational entity, known as the International Jump Rope Union. Developing this new union will happen over a steady transitional period that will lead to a jointly managed World Championship, which is scheduled to take place in 2020.

The mission objectives of the IJRU have already been stated, the first of which is the promotion, growth and encourage the development of jump rope/rope skipping. Following principles include: the provision of fair and drug-free sport environments; promote and encourage the development of international relations, develop and adopt streamlined and standardized rules, encourage awareness for the sport worldwide, and others.

WIRSO – The World Inter-School Rope Skipping Organization

While the other well-known organizations do have many divisions in which people of all ages could participate, it was the WIRSO that allowed schools all around the world to come together and celebrate education and fitness under one banner. The interesting thing about this organization, is that although it is international in nature, the qualification standards for it do not require a country of residence, but one of the allowed age groups (11 and 14) and an existing school. Last year, they held their World Tournament in Dubai, and this year, it will be in Hong Kong.

Every Association is Dedicated to the Sport

In the end, every alliance formed in the name of the sport and diversity is destined to be recognized by everyone. Some of those organizations are even part of TAFISA (The Association For International Sport for All), creating an even stronger presence for Rope Skipping as a sport. Maybe in the future there will be an organization that will introduce jump rope in the Olympics? Only time will tell.