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Olly Murs Music Video

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Affiliated Clubs

Jump Rope UK – Redditch, the Midlands

The bouncers – Surrey, London

Skip 2 the Beat – Banff, Scotland

Seer Green Skippers – Buckinghamshire, London


Motherwell Jump Rope Academy – North Lanarkshire, Scotland

JUMP FIT – Brighton

Blue and White Rope Skippers – Studley, Warwickshire

Grange Campus, Gargieston and Annanhill skip club – Scotland

Useful links

ERSO - European Rope Skipping Organization

FISAC - International Rope Skipping Federation

USA Jump Rope - United States Jump Rope Federation

World Jump Rope – Unifying the World of Jump Rope

A List of Qualified UK Judges can be found on the FISAC site under Facts – Judges.

Affiliated Company’s